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Voiceless www.voiceless.org.au
Voiceless Animal Protection Institute envisions a world in which animals are treated with respect and compassion.

Gail C Breese www.creakyg.com
Gail is a website designer, children's author, illustrator and book designer.

Kangaroo Trail www.rootourism.com.au
The Kangaroo Trail will take you on a journey across Australia explaining about all species of kangaroos and highlighting where to see them.

Wildlife Protection Association of Australia www.wildlifeprotectaust.org.au
WPAA members are committed to wildlife protection and educating about Australian wildlife.

National Kangaroo Protection Coalition www.kangaroo-protection-coalition.com

Australian Wildlife Protection Council www.awpc.org.au
The aim of AWPC is to protect our native animals from cruelty and exploitation for their own sake, for their intrinsic worth and because they are unique and special.

Kangaroo Campaign www.440000joeys.eu
Every year several million kangaroos are killed for profit. Around 440,000 dependent joeys are killed or left to starve when their mothers are killed for their skin, fur or meat. More information here.

ASK www.australiansocietyforkangaroos.com
Australia's kangaroos not only face habitat loss, drought, fire and culling but millions are killed each year for their fur and their skins and for meat. Learn more about our natioanl icon, the kangaroo on the Australian Society for Kangaroos site.

Save the Kangaroo www.savethekangaroo.com
When millions of kangaroos are killed for meat or leather what happens to their joeys? Learn more here.

Wildhaven www.wildhavenstandrews.com.au
Share the beautiful images from Wildhaven in Victora where Stella and Alan Reid care for orphaned Australian wildlife. The animals roam free and are protected by Alan and Stella who care so deeply for the wildlife that they changed their lifestyle and in return were changed by the beautiful wildlife.

Perfect Australians www.brettclifton.com/Kangaroos.html
Meet some of the orphaned joeys raised for release in the wild by wildlife carer Brett Clifton. The Eastern Grey kangaroos featured are lucky survivors of encounters with humans when their mothers were killed.

Kangaroos: www.beautifulwild.com
Images of Eastern Grey kangaroos by award-winning wildlife photojournalist Ray Drew showcase the beauty of Australia's unique wildlife.

Wildlife Rescue Magazine www.wildliferescuemagazine.com
FREE to subscribers. Excellent wildlife articles, beautiful wildlife photography. A very informative magazine

Gilbert's Potoroo Action Group www.potoroo.org
The group is a not-for-profit community group, hoping to help save Gilbert's Potoroo, Australia's most endangered marsupial, from extinction. The website includes information about the history, ecology and conservation of Gilbert's Potoroo together with information about the group and links to other sites of interest.

Elizabeth Cogley - Wildlife artist www.ozwildart.com
The love of the Australian bush and its inhabitants is what inspires award-winning wildlife artist Elizabeth Cogley. Portraying the animals and birds in their natural environment is an important aspect of Elizabeth's artwork.

Peter Taylor www.writing-for-children.com
Peter is the author of Kangaroo's Visitor Gets a Surprise. Learn more about Peter and Australian wildlife on his website.

Margaret Warner www.margaretwarner.com.au
Margaret is a wildlife carer, children's author and teacher. Her activity book Australian Wildlife (www.readyed.com.au) encourages students to look in detail at twelve well known Australian animals and to develop an understanding and appreciation of Australia's unique wildlife.

Image of a kangaroo


You can learn more about kangaroos and have fun doing lots of puzzles in the book - Kangaroo Footprints.

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